August 13, 2020
Space - Earth

The Month The Earth Stood Still – How Do You Make Things Move?

Based on a report in BBC News on July 24, 2020, an international team of researchers reported that the March-May period during the lockdown of the pandemic represents "the longest and most prominent global anthropogenic seismic noise reduction on record.” In plain English, this means that the movement caused by humans in everything we do—from driving our cars, to operating our factories—produces ground motions that can be detected by seismometers. In some cases, the noise was reduced by as much as 50%. Normally, this human noise needs to be filtered out to detect low magnitude earthquakes.
July 28, 2020

Losing 80% Of My Net Worth

I mentioned in our first episode that I lost nearly 80% of my net worth during the Great Recession (Financial Crisis). I didn’t want to leave everybody hanging on those words.   Some listeners have contacted me asking me to share that story. So, rather than wait for Episode 2, I thought I would share some of the story now as an intro to next week’s episode.
July 14, 2020

Welcome to the Biz Sherpa

Welcome to the BizSherpa Podcast with your host Craig Willett. From humble beginnings as a CPA, Craig grew his practice to over 700 small business claims and from there founded several multimillion dollar businesses. Trusted advisor and mentor to business owners achieving multimillion dollar status, he's giving back to help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs achieve fulfillment, enhanced their lives, and create enduring wealth.
June 9, 2020

Sherp’s Cave

I am honored that you would allow me to join you on your journey to the top. It is my aspiration after more than 35 years experiencing the challenges, successes, stresses and joys of owning multiple businesses to give back in a meaningful way to my fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.


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