Sherp’s Cave

The principles behind our podcast

I am honored that you would allow me to join you on your journey to the top.  It is my aspiration after more than 35 years experiencing the challenges, successes, stresses and joys of owning multiple businesses to give back in a meaningful way to my fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.  My greatest aspiration is to lead you to discover your unique talents, dreams and abilities and help you envision a path to aligning those to your daily business interactions and strategies.  As a result you should achieve greater fulfillment from your business, optimize the value of your enterprise and maximize wealth and enhance your life.


I have learned many lessons from starting multiple businesses and weathering several economic cycles including the Great Recession.  I am excited to share some of these experiences with you in order to help illuminate your path to the top. I am hopeful that you will not only participate in my podcast as a listener but will also take advantage of the resources section of my website to allow you to engage in time to reflect, ponder and identify the key components of your aspirations and dreams and incorporate them in a personal plan so achieve fulfillment and success.

Defining Success

Success comes in many forms to many people.  One of the great tendencis of our human natures is to take someone else’s definition of success and apply that definition to our individual achievements.  Each of us is a unique human being.  Believe me… there are many ideas, there is always someone smarter, faster, more ingenious than we are – it can become rather frustrating if not depressing to try to measure our accomplishments against someone else’s definition of success. As the Biz Sherpa one of my fundamental objectives is to guide you to discover and define your personal definition of success.

Key Component To Economic Engine

Your choosing to be a business owner puts you in a rather unique class of individuals.  To be a business owner you have confidence in your abilities, vision and dedication to your business.  The entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners drive an economic engine that creates 64% of all new jobs annually.  We employ 47.5% of the country’s workforce.  One of the greatest assets of a small company is the ability to pivot and react to changing economic environment.  While small businesses are defined by having fewer than 500 employees,  89% of small businesses hire fewer than 20 employees.


The most recent crisis we have experienced in our country has dealt an unexpected hand to many business owners like yourself.  As we pick apart our business objectives, purposes and plan, we see that there is a need for human interaction, satisfaction from products delivered on time and services rendered in a meaningful way.  These objectives need to happen on a local level.  When you consider the hiccups in the worldwide supply chain and our inability to trust other trading partners I believe that  small business holds the key to domestic economic recovery.

Redefine. Hit the Reset Button

I have experienced difficulties in business as the result of our country’s dependence on financial engineering and reliance on large monopolies that eat away at opportunities for small businesses.  The impacts of the Great Recession lead to my decision to close my most successful businesses. During the three year unwinding of that business I embarked on writing a book that I never published.  At a time when I wondered if anyone would ever see any value in me, I found opportunities to help start a few other businesses and discovered a talent I had to help strategically advise other business owners.  These ventures have been very fruitful for me in many ways.  Besides the fact that I can never resist a deal, I have come to the point where I realize it is time to give back.

About You

I know that might sound trite, but I want you to know that I am conscientiously not seeking sponsors, nor advertising on my podcast or website.  My desire to have a site dedicated to you the business owner was reinforced when I shared with my oldest son my plan to produce a podcast.  His first question was,  “are you going to advertise on the show?”  I said” no, why do you ask?”  He responded, “good, I am tired of podcasts which share good information for the first 15 minutes and just when they get to the point of the meat of their expertise they spend the next 15 minutes asking you to subscribe to a plan to reveal and teach the secrets to their expertise.”  I believe in you the business owner and all of your unique talents and abilities.  I am excited to join you on your climb to discover unique individual talents, values and traits that make you who you are that will result in greater fulfillment, enhanced satisfaction, and enduring wealth.


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