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#44 Following Your Creative Passions with Tommaso Cardullo

Tommaso Cardullo is an Italian fashion designer who is passionate about designing clothing that empowers people to be and look their best selves. He is the founder and designer at Tommaso Cardullo Inc. 


#42 Giant Success with Doug Wing

Doug Wing joins Craig to discuss his new book GIANT SUCCESS: Leadership and Business Strategies of Hal Wing Founder of Little Giant Ladders. Doug is the son of Hal Wing the founder of Little Giant Ladder Company, the best-known ladder in the world. Doug shares with us stories about Hal, the legacy he left, and what it took to build the company to the success it is today.


#41 Are You Ready to Start a Business?

A business can take 2-3 years before it really starts to turn a profit. It takes quite a bit of effort in the initial years of starting your business, so it is important to make sure you are in a position to take on this endeavor. Craig shares 15 principles to help you be more successful.


#40 From the Military to Entrepreneurship

Tom Heckens is the CEO/Founder of Metris Global, a military training and defense contract training company. Tom shares his experiences having been in military special operations to then diving into entrepreneurship and the challenges he has worked to overcome.


#39 Choosing an Entity For Your Business with Mckay Johnson

McKay Johnson is an accomplished Tax and Estate Planning attorney who joins Craig in the Sherpa’s cave to discuss how to navigate choosing an entity for your business.


#38 How to Monetize Your Assets

Nathan Gwilliam the host of the Monetization Nation Podcast joins Craig in the Sherpas cave to share his thoughts on the concept of Monetization.


#37 Why Start a Business?

Are you wondering whether you should start a business? Craig can help as he discusses reason why starting a business might be the right thing for you!


#36 Budgeting

Craig shares tips to budgeting.


#35 Delegation

Do you feel at times it is hard to delegate work to others? Craig shares his tips on why delegation is essential to success.


#34 Tips on Hiring and Firing with Terri Bearden

Craig is joined in the Sherpa’s Cave by Terri Bearden. Terri worked with Craig in his Real Estate Company. She has years of experience as an Executive Assistant as well as in positions in HR.


#33 Nailing the “Why” Of Your Business with Ryan Moss

Craig sits down with Ryan Moss the CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems. They discuss how Ryan was able to get into the position he’s in today with only a high school education!


#32 Marketing Tips

Craig shares his experiences in business that can help you market your product or service.


#31 5th Generation of Success – UWM Men’s Shop

Fifth generation business owners of UWM Men’s Shop, Bart, Brandon and BJ Stringham discuss how they have been able to weather recessions, depression and other challenges over the last 100 years! UWM Men’s Shop was established in 1905 and continues strong today providing men’s fashion in Salt Lake City, Utah.


#30 Cost Structure and Cash Flow

Craig shares how you can structure your costs and cash flow for your business. He also uses an interactive model to help you determine your profit and cash flow.


#29 Defining Your Niche

Craig shares tips to defining your niche market.


#28 Climbing the Ladder to Success with Art Wing

This week Craig joins Art Wing the Co-chairman and President of Little Giant Ladder Systems to discuss the history of the business as well as how it has become the multi-million dollar company it is today.


#27 Pricing Your Product or Service

Craig shares his tips on how to decide what you should price you product or service.


#26 Tips to Accelerate Sales with Bill Toon

Bill Toon joins the Sherpas Cave this week. We discuss tips on how you can accelerate your sales!


#25 Financing Your Startup

Craig discusses his tips to consider when looking to finance your business.


#24 Building Success with Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is the founder of Denco Dental Construction Inc. and author of Dental Ease. Craig and Steve discuss marketing your business as well important factors you need to consider in your office space.


#23 Tips on Managing Time

Are you struggling to find how you can mange your time? Craig shares his top time management tips: 1. Be […]


#22 Empowering People in Business with Mark Crockett

Mark Crockett the CEO of Agreed Software joins the Sherpa Cave this week. We discuss his company as well as the ups and downs of owning a business and how to problem solve.


#21 8 Tips to Selling Your Product or Service

8 Tips to Selling Your Product or Service


#20 The 2 Keys to Success with Stephanie Barnier

Stephanie Barnier joins the Sherpas Cave. Stephanie is a certified financial planner and the CEO of Clear Sky Wealth. We discusses success, failures, passion and Stephanie shares her 2 keys to success.


#19 Principles to Consider When Taking on a Business Partner

According to Inc. Magazine, over 80% of partnerships fail. You might ask, why that may be? When you step back and think about it, realistically, how many people can survive the changes that happen during a lifetime? A partner may get a divorce, a partner may have a family need to move to another location, a partner may get sick, a partner may die, a partner may have different financial objectives that change as they mature. Craig discusses the pros and cons you should consider before jumping into a partnership.


#18 Leaving High School Early and Becoming a Nationally Recognized Photographer with Howie Schatzberg

Howie Schatzberg joins the Sherpas cave this week as we discuss his journey to becoming an award winning and nationally recognized photographer. Howies father took him out of high school early to start his photography career within the family business. We also discuss the importance of marketing, innovating and keeping customer relationships.


#17 Tips to Motivate Change in Your Business

As a result of the recent pandemic experienced in 2020, many people had to relearn, readapt, and do something different in their business to survive. Change often necessitates adapting to a new set of principles. Seeking principles to base our focus for change helps motivate us to adapt and recommit.


#16 Secrets to Negotiating a Commercial Lease with Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson shares her wealth of experience in negotiating leases from both the landlord and tenant perspective. Listen to learn the secrets to saving money on your business’ lease.  Apply these tricks to your next lease negotiation to save your business money.


#15 Harness Maker to Fashion Designer with David Freedman

David Freedman a 6th generation business owner stays true to the roots of the family business and innovates into the 21st Century. Listen to hear his secrets to success.


#14 Why You Should Use a CPA with Matt Waller

In the Sherpas Cave this week we are joined by Matt Waller. Matt Waller is the Senior Manager, CPA at […]


#13 Accidental Success with Robert Koagedal BA, MSOM, L.A.C.

Sometimes we plan for success and our best plans can’t surpass accidental success. Listen to Robert Koagedals story of how he has achieved success while never having a business plan.


#12 What Is Important to You? How Do You Keep Score?

Craig reveals an addition that he has added to The Biz Sherpa scorecard and shares why you should implement it into your life and business.


#11 How to Seize Opportunity and Exceeding Expectations with Becky DeRegnaucourt Veltema

President & CEO of DeRegnaucourt Ltd. Becky DeRegnaucourt Veltema shares her story of starting as a single mom and becoming a successful entrepreneur. DeRegnaucourt Ltd. provides custom equestrian apparel for the Saddlebred Morgan, and Arabian Horse breeds.


#10 How to Pivot During a Pandemic with James Stevenson

Co-owner of Cooper’s Luxury Home Collection in Park City, Utah, James Stevenson shares principles as to what makes his business more successful and how he achieves emotional satisfaction from his business.


#9 5 Steps to Become More Emotional Resilient with Kristin Harper

Do you know your emotional resiliency? Knowing your weak areas allows you to become a stronger business owner and leader. Kristin Harper shares insights on personal improvement.


#8 How to Start a Business Part 3 – Building an Enduring Business

Craig continues to reveal a comprehensive overview of the details to consider in starting a business in the last part of our three part series, Starting a Business. Also, included is a sneak preview of an interview with Attorney McKay Johnson where we discuss types of entities.


#7 How to Start a Business Part 2 – The Nuts and Bolts

Learn how to start a business. A comprehensive overview of the details to consider in starting your business.


#6 How to Start a Business Part 1 – Personal Preparation

Have you always wanted to start a business? Craig shares some tips and tricks to consider in preparing to launch your new venture. Special Guest: Kristin Harper, Author, Mentor, Keynote speaker.


#5 King of the Reset Button with Warren LeSueur

A two time Stage IV Cancer Survivor, Warren LeSueur shares his success in hitting the reset button in his life and taking his business from $50K per year to over $38 Million today.


#4 Why Adding Exceptional Value Will Bring You More Customers

Craig reveals his scorecard to keep you focused on what is most important to satisfying your clients and customers.  The Sherpa shares principles that will translate into increased customer satisfaction and greater profitability.  You will  learn to elevate your performance and  remove obstacles to success.


#3 3 Principles to Build Enduring Wealth

Craig shares two impactful secrets to saving money and designing an income stream independent of your business to provide cash flow to sustain you during any crisis and into retirement. With the right motivation and understanding you can have fun saving and and get started on the road to building enduring wealth.


#2 Tips to Measuring Success Without Dollars and Cents

Create your own emotional currency by exchanging your talents or products for the intangible gratitude and loyalty of your customers. This level of emotional satisfaction that goes beyond the dollars and cents.


#1 How a Car Accident Led me to Hit the Reset Button

The recent pandemic has interrupted many small businesses, but how can you make the most of this break in the status quo? Hitting The Reset Button can be an opportunity to reevaluate and correct course for your business.


#0 Welcome to the Biz Sherpa

Craig Willett started as a CPA before growing his practice to 700 clients and founding several other multi-million dollar businesses. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business or hope to achieve greater fulfillment running your business, then tune in to The Biz Sherpa Podcast.


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