April 13, 2021

#20 The 2 Keys to Success with Stephanie Barnier

Stephanie Barnier joins the Sherpas Cave. Stephanie is a certified financial planner and the CEO of Clear Sky Wealth. We discusses success, failures, passion and Stephanie shares her 2 keys to success.
March 30, 2021

#19 Principles to Consider When Taking on a Business Partner

According to Inc. Magazine, over 80% of partnerships fail. You might ask, why that may be? When you step back and think about it, realistically, how many people can survive the changes that happen during a lifetime? A partner may get a divorce, a partner may have a family need to move to another location, a partner may get sick, a partner may die, a partner may have different financial objectives that change as they mature. Craig discusses the pros and cons you should consider before jumping into a partnership.


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