April 13, 2021

#20 The 2 Keys to Success with Stephanie Barnier

Stephanie Barnier joins the Sherpas Cave. Stephanie is a certified financial planner and the CEO of Clear Sky Wealth. We discusses success, failures, passion and Stephanie shares her 2 keys to success.
March 30, 2021

#19 Principles to Consider When Taking on a Business Partner

According to Inc. Magazine, over 80% of partnerships fail. You might ask, why that may be? When you step back and think about it, realistically, how many people can survive the changes that happen during a lifetime? A partner may get a divorce, a partner may have a family need to move to another location, a partner may get sick, a partner may die, a partner may have different financial objectives that change as they mature. Craig discusses the pros and cons you should consider before jumping into a partnership.
March 16, 2021

#18 Leaving High School Early and Becoming a Nationally Recognized Photographer with Howie Schatzberg

Howie Schatzberg joins the Sherpas cave this week as we discuss his journey to becoming an award winning and nationally recognized photographer. Howies father took him out of high school early to start his photography career within the family business. We also discuss the importance of marketing, innovating and keeping customer relationships.
March 2, 2021

#17 Tips to Motivate Change in Your Business

As a result of the recent pandemic experienced in 2020, many people had to relearn, readapt, and do something different in their business to survive. Change often necessitates adapting to a new set of principles. Seeking principles to base our focus for change helps motivate us to adapt and recommit.


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