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Ladder to Success

Craig Willett:
This is Craig Willett at the BizSherpa, I invite you to my inaugural podcast next week, episode one. You’ll
know if this podcast is for you if you’ve ever found yourself having these thoughts, “When I started my
company five years ago, I thought I’d have plenty of time to do what I want to do when I wanted.
However, instead of finding greater freedom and flexibility, I find myself captive to my business day and
night.” Or maybe you’ve had this thought, “Things were going fine in business, I even had contingency
plans, but I never thought I’d face a total shutdown like I did during this pandemic.” You just can’t plan
for those kinds of obstacles, it may take me several years to get my business back to pre-crisis levels,
even if I think I can do that.

Or you may ask yourself, “I’m really busy at work, things seemed to be booming, but I just don’t seem to
be achieving the financial rewards I expected from owning my business. What’s wrong?” Or if you’ve
been thinking of starting a new business you may be thinking this, “I’ve been contemplating starting my
own business, but I just don’t know whether I should jump from the safety of a well paying job,” or what
to expect life to be like as a business owner. Or you may feel like this, “Gee, I have a great idea for a
product or a business. I just don’t know how to fund my startup.” I’ve been there, I’ve experienced each
of those types of situations and I’m here to help enlighten you to achieve greater fulfillment, enhanced
life, and maximize wealth. I hope you’ll join me every other week as I help you along the path of success
to reach the pinnacle of your career in owning or starting a business. This is Craig Willett at the

Speaker 1:
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