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#38 How to Monetize Your Assets

Nathan Gwilliam the host of the Monetization Nation Podcast joins Craig in the Sherpas cave to share his thoughts on the concept of Monetization.


#37 Why Start a Business?

Are you wondering whether you should start a business? Craig can help as he discusses reason why starting a business might be the right thing for you!


#36 Budgeting

Craig shares tips to budgeting.


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Craig Willett

Craig was the founder of an innovative real estate development company pioneering the Professional Village concept of “Own For Less Than Rent” medical, dental and professional offices developing more than $700 million of real estate.

Craig has also been the founding shareholder and director of a community bank, a public biotech company, a CPA firm which grew to over 700 small business clients and a Strategic Advisory firm.  He has also served on the boards of many community based charitable groups and as the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the NFIB.   Craig gives extensive time to his church in teaching, mentoring and inspiring young adults ages 18-31.


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